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Airline garrisons the star east Zhengzhou, entrust Zhengzhou office building net
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Zhengzhou of be born of empty company of Dong Xinghang of Wuhan of civilian battalion aviation, entrust Zhengzhou office building net optional location is successful.
As China in area head home civilian battalion airline, empty company of Wuhan Dong Xinghang steps market of sufficient Henan civil aviaton eventually, this is the 3rd when Zhengzhou airport greets civilian battalion airline.
Dong Xinghang's empty Guangzhou - Zhengzhou - Guangzhou course everyday, type is empty guest A319 plane. As a result of the stability of passenger source, zhengzhou makes the focal point that each airline contends for all the time to 3 big line of Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, afterwards Shanghai lucky aviation and age aviation join Zhengzhou in succession - after Shanghai course, wuhan Dong Xinghang becomes the 3rd to enter Zhengzhou airport for nothing the civilian battalion of 3 big line airline.

When Shanghai lucky aviation, Shanghai age aviation enters Zhengzhou airport, rolled out low airline ticket. And chief of business department of Dong Xinghang empty Zhengzhou expresses, dong Xinghang does not make price war for nothing, serving fluctuation time only.

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