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With 3 lis of celebrated collect, the central point that makes domestic and international tourist fix eyes on with unique kind in Olympic Games around -- Village of 3 lis of collect and SOHO of 3 lis of collectTwo projects earn not only sufficient the eyeball of the market, still gained the favour that invests a guest, its meaning spanned far landed domain.

The wall of stained glass act that makes a person swimmy as Village of below sunshine 3 lis of collect is general, the flagship store of the numerous international brand such as Adidas, Apple, Nike, BestSeller, Montblanc and Sephora is garrisoned your person is dazzling, the brand-new notional inn such as retailing shop of the first straight battalion of center of brand of global head home, China and the promotion activity that have originality alone, for consumerOfferred what do not have new idea to buy object check, instant of Village of 3 lis of collect changes as center of burgeoning international vogue; And project of SOHO of 3 lis of collect goes against city sell like hot cakes 5.7 billion yuan, clinch a deal in building city quantity whole glides the myth that actual version makes in general trends, subsequently " SOHO carries valence disturbance " criterion more make industry eristic in succession, be stunt still implies a mystery?

And to bordering swallow Sha business is encircled, east 3 lis of collect of area of group of straight door trade, the 2nd diplomatic mission, the street admiral that will not in this be less than 3 kilometers has the commercial system of 600 thousand square metre to measure emerge in large numbers at least, the upsurge that its have commerce to develop will be attracted live in Beijing the eastpart part the high end of 4 annulus less than lives, office crowd comes round to consume, east 2 annulus
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