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Investment business shop stresses a sector of an area, in the final analysis or consideration bear the boy or girl friend that hire. Although an a sector of an area with business located shop is again nice, if cannot be found appropriate bear hire dealer, also can " in the boudoir that await a word " . Consequently, deciding to know fairly well must be accomplished before buying business to spread. The final use that extends through analysing business will decide to whether invest business to spread, should be the first class of investor.

The article of Hunan person king that comes to Guangzhou work 7 years gives birth to mining to the first pail of his gold. 2006, wang Wensheng decides to make an investment with this brushstroke money.

Be engaged in promoting the work old, wang Wensheng contacted many privately owned merchant, after seeing many case that can raise a family with a small shop, wangwen gives birth to an investment target to lock up the shop that decide business. Having is " investment house is copper, office building is silver-colored, business shop is gold " , look investment business shop is really good. Add was tired of work the life, wang Wensheng plans to buy a business to spread, what will have oneself is praedial, 2 will go to the lavatory in the future housekeep opens a small store. The Wang Wensheng that makes calm decision begins look for business to spread.

Wang Wensheng values the fast rhythm of Guangzhou to live, consequently he decides a congee pink inn that faces office worker, and what kind of business should congee pink inn choose to spread? Wang Wensheng was immersed in for this contemplative.

Below the guidance of property intermediary, wang Wensheng is informed, invest distributor shop, choose good place to was equivalent to succeeding half; And the final use that extends through analysing business will invest, it is the first class with mandatory investor more.

Final utility of Wang Wensheng is for private use, and poineering project is the congee pink inn that spreads all over Guangzhou, accordingly, the business that Wang Wensheng draws the outline of him to did not come spreads probably about:

Above all, congee pink inn is not the owner that is aimed at community, however office worker. To go to work according to the client the personage is reached shop the characteristic of gens, the business of a sector of an area that chooses to reach governmental office department to center in office building is spread, guest discharge compares concentration, the gain that is congee pink inn thereby makes packet of bank note. In the meantime, business spreads near office building appreciate the space is larger, pass on is not afraid that nobody is taken over after.

Next, because Ben Xiaoli of congee pink inn is thin, a sector of an area with consequently high price of unfavorable choice floor, do not face so the shop of second line business of the street is first selection. Such, economic pressure reductive at the same time, the stream of people that still avoided community store is very few with community cafeteria the ill will of faze civilian.
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