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Dispatch is in website of Beijing office building the link line market with intense competition of Beijing landed resource, north the Ma Dian of 3 annulus / De Sheng area becomes last " investment heats up earth " with " bethel " . North pasture of 3 annulus horse / De Sheng board piece ZhongGuanCun high-tech is faced on the west garden area, north depends on Ma Dian, inferior abstruse trade group, financial market is faced south, the nation is accepted east door trade group, a certain number of mature trade block surround circumjacent, come-and-go stream of people is tremendous. Northwest science and technology teachs an industry, industry of southeast trade travel, industry of southwest banking industry, northeast sports culture, for region business affairs development provided foundation and demand. Regard north as 3 annulus connection 4 big board piece hub of principal liaison man, the municipal transportation facilities such as crossing of road of high speed of traffic of orbit of underground of the link line with complete in recent years construction, fast link line, city, outskirts of a city, in Ma Dian / the traffic network that extend in all directions forms by the side of De Shengzhou, go market of CBD, ZhongGuanCun, banking, inferior Olympic Games village all can enjoy the traffic line that does not have red light, provide optimal platform for busy business affairs activity, the time cost of greatly managing enterprise and management cost. Ma Dian / the business affairs real estate of heart resort region develops nearly 3 years of ability gradually make good, area land value is climbed successively litre, the investment that makes numerous development company and businessman heats up earth.

Landed analyst of Magendatong thinks: "Oil of industrial and commercial bank, Bank of China, China, medium sea oil, Chinese is protected (Beijing) , Chinese telecommunication, Beijing is mobile, medium iron content flows, Chinese birthday... these famous names nowadays with north 3 annulus connection was in one case. This is not accidental absolutely or coincidence. With respect to Beijing existing business affairs structure looks, market of CBD, banking and ZhongGuanCun 3 sufficient tripartite balance of forces. In recent years, mix to the attention of advantage of a sector of an area and traffic element as development business emphasize, it is besides traditional central area, the area of new-style business affairs of annulus road along the line is ceaseless and arisen. Of the gain level of central enterprise rise considerably, of the RMB in international trade settle accounts considerably appreciation, make 3 annulus may become north ground of last when business tycoon can choose geomantic treasure.

National endowment appoint dispatch puts forward to want a foundation recently scientific sex and union of comprehensive sex photograph, relativity and systematization photograph union, ration and qualitative photograph union, static state and dynamic photograph union, can compare the principle such as gender and maneuverability union, undertake be quantifyinged in the round administrative to central enterprise. According to the country endowment appoint requirement, much central business chooses to go up in investment, can regard the first selection of investment as the asset with strong sex of investment rise in value, mix in 2 link along the line east below the case that 3 annulus land develops exceeding saturation, near future of 3 link along the line is in north the office building that build can be become large the investment first selection that central enterprise realizes asset to maintain value rise in value.
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