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Does safe environmental protection become attention focus skyscraper to had been
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Gather to the city as more and more population, urban land becomes inch of earth very little gold. Statistic shows, predict 2020, the scale of global city population will rise for 60% , and 4% what the city covers an area of ball land the earth's surface to accumulate only. For managing cover an area of and the sources of energy, a few cities develop to headroom to the utmost, one skyscraper also unplugs the ground and case. The occurrence augment of skyscraper urban population is accommodated degree. For instance new York, itBlock Er with Canadian city Gary is euqally big, but have the aid of at " perpendicular " the city is changed, the inmate that new York holds is 10 times of Kaerjiali.

But, is skyscraper more really jump over?

As the grow in quantity of skyscraper, the problem such as safe, environmental protection makes the central point that people pays close attention to. The building occupies the 1/3 that energy resources of a nation uses up normally. Consider to show, the traditional structure of the wall outside having sincere is more contemporary than those is full of feeling, many the structure that uses glazing is energy-saving 15% , 20% .

However more important is, economic analyst points out, economic progress itself is existence is periodic, always be in repeating ceaselessly " prosperity, decline, flat, anabiosis " such loop, there's no one who doesn't or isn't of any economy system is such. Anabiosis from what economy grows level begins, investment begins to enter restore, increase ceaselessly, economy moves toward prosperity stage by stage. In this one process, the investment that loose monetary policy and finance policy often can encourage large project (skyscraper is the expression with these the most intuitionistic projects) , investment pushs economy to further flourish more.
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