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Comment: Building city macroscopical adjusting control was not loosened should a
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2008, the day of estate development business is done not have so moist. Comparative last year " very mad very sudden huge profits " about, business of a few development simply if suddenly separates an era.

Meanwhile, since this year, "Country house boom index " , amplitude of countrywide real-estate loan, all successive fall after a rise of 7 months month by month. Although former still be in boom space, latter still prep above borrows money entirely amplitude, but compare with the prosperous photograph last year, most person maintains: Countrywide estate market was entered this year adjust period.

OK and affirmative is, in the market wait-and-see mood is not decreased, below the premise that has policy not to produce major change, estate market cannot cast off adjustment posture.

   Estate market air cooling is blown

What no matter be house price,rise is lack of power, still be the declining tendency of land market, let people feel estate market blast an air cooling.

See room value first. On September 16, national hair changes appoint the findings that releases with national statistic bureau shows, august, the whole nation 70 big in annulus of urban house sale price is compared (than going up month) drop 0.1% .

See land market again. With last year again and again Jing shows " ground king " disparate, since 2008, the city of a gleam of such as Beijing, Shanghai already had a few land to shed mark, stream pat, have to 2, the trend that 3 lines city spreads.

Change according to national hair appoint statistic, july, land of countrywide estate development purchases area, land to develop area and area of new go into operation to part than going up the month drops 27.7% , 35.7% with 35.7% .
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