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Big rub study a report: Humorous of of discharge health die young [phlegmy eye
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Last week 5, one of 5 large investment banks of American Magenshidanli (abbreviation " big rub " ) release a research to report, a few analyst such as Lou Gang express in the report, "China each house price of main city falls urgently already. We think estate market dies dish of possibility is very tall, to banking profit will cause major impact. To banking profit will cause major impact..

Big rub still express, after this Chinese politic team passes research, reach the following conclusion: New round depreciation action will bring about landed market to break down, because floor price drops to be met normally,be a burden on clinchs a deal decrease; In addition, landed enterprise glides significantly besides occurrence gain outside, also face severe solvency difficulty probably; Bank profit performance also can be affected apparently, appear possibly 2009 gain enjoys growth.

Of the United States big rub have crisis consciousness very much it seems that. Estate market of China just has bit of a sign of disturbance or trouble, they go out with respect to the analysis " collapse dish possibility is very tall " , and ground of unable to hold oneself back is announced external, declare publicly common people.

If it is so? Deny. Yesterday, chinese country hair changes appoint the investigation that announces with national statistic bureau shows: This year August, china 70 big in urban house sale price rises compared to the same period 5.3% . It is of course compared to the same period with compared last year in August, and last year August is Chinese house price mad when going up, go up development business is publicly to claim " felt embarrassed " . Compared to the same period house price rises the estate market of 5.3% , how be also apart from " collapse dish " still have 10 lis 8 lis, big rub if not be suffer from imaginary fears, it is sensational, both is resided surely firstly.
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