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Grind one sword initiate 3 years 8 years castle of business affairs layout falls
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"Center of boreal annulus international " 11 buildings in the Kyoto commerce that is program of Beijing one's early years actually in 3 buildings that develop finally, other 8 buildings -- China Di Zun, in center of annulus of business edifice, north build in succession use, and these 3 buildings it is 11 buildings in the position is optimal, the mark sex with highest height is fair build office building structure, bring to the market very big expect.

To get used to the change that the market promotes increasingly, on the product requirement foundation that analyses big client definitely in essence of life, during going 3 years, "Center of boreal annulus international " prove repeatedly in process of product program program, invite international orgnaization of well-known building design is optimized ceaselessly to program program with promotion, the improves building function rich sex that crucial part is utmost and flexible sex, "Center of boreal annulus international, be located in north horn of northeast of bridge of pasture of horse of hub of 3 annulus traffic, so good rare lack plot, so good company image shows the result, company of very much large group expresses to want to bring into the idea in bursa. " initiate sunshine gold limited company executes buy trade general manager Luo Ye says.

"Center of boreal annulus international " hub of traffic of guard Beijing north -- Ma Dian bridge, it is below the foot on the west the park greenbelt with the oldest the city zone -- rosary. Center of boreal annulus international begins to plan to design since 2005, whole project uses the land nearly 2 hectare, floor area is close 130 thousand square metre, cent is on the ground 28 (B ridgepole) 27 (C ridgepole) , underground 4, among them area of commercial form a complete set makes an appointment with 12 thousand square metre.