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Clever conception changes the room " is big "
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Someone says, the woman always feels to a dress is lacked forever in chest; The person that buy a house says, after the house lives, often feel the room is used not quite, always lack a room. Many people have “ little the deep feeling of a room ” , how to extend limited space, greaten the house? The reporter seeks advice from a building for this dish design personnel, listen to them suggest

Clever let ” of balcony “ suddenly turn hostile

Owner: Europe gentleman

Door model: One room one hall

Experience: Disadvantageous without study job

Mr Ou is engaged in advertisement designing the job, because of professional reason, often should work overtime drive article table. And his housing is one room only one hall, very disadvantageous without study job.

Mr Ou buys a house before 3 years, suffer the effect of economic capacity at that time, he is in Nanning city Dong Gelu first floor dish bought an acreage the one room of 60 much square metre one hall housing. He thinks, oneself a person lives, already enough, wait for a bit bigger housing is bought again after having certain economy base. Two years ago, he gave in a girlfriend and marry, this small family space appears narrower and narrower. Work overtime in the evening, with computer in the room the job affects a wife to rest, in the sitting room the job does not have surplus space again. “ if the room can be much a study is good. ” Europe gentleman says with all sorts of feelings.

Mr Ou ever also wanted to cross a small family model sell, buy again big 2 rooms house. Can ask about house price, the building of same a sector of an area dish, the house sells 559 yuan of every square metre, price is close to him to buy one times of house unit price at the outset. Consider oneself and wife work are not steady, do not take give abundant money to buy bridal chamber, husband and wife is forced put up with is worn crowded move lived.

Now, mr Ou puts “ workshop ” in the sitting room, remove the TV set into the room, such reluctance vacated a bit space. Nevertheless, this is not long plan, because the guest comes in the home, work with respect to meeting influence, a lot of moment, the friend of the wife comes to the home in, she is the visitor is received in the room, this always lets a person at odds.

Mr Ou wants to transform the balcony, but the balcony of his home and kitchen are together repeatedly, change the balcony into the study, the dress cannot find a place to bask in. Besides, study and kitchen are unfavorable lump.

Answer stratagem: The sitting room of Mr Ou has 6 meters long, kitchen and balcony have nearly 3 meters long. Cut off balcony “ by the waist ” , can divide into kitchen and small study. Kitchen area is insufficient, but to the sitting room outspread, make it opens the kitchen of type, already beautiful practical. Bask in the dress to be able to undertake through transforming a room, such houses but many a room. Nevertheless this kind is rectified and reform should ask for so that develop business and property company to agree, ability below beautiful circumstance stands to undertake outside affecting a building.
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