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Second half of the year will greet estate to invest price " this year double fal
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Institute of economy of Chinese people university releases newest first phase to study the report points out, second half of the year and next year will receive the situation that estate investment and price in pairs glide this year.

The report says, current estate develops investment to wander in estate value, undertake in insecurity of development investment fund and the environment that estate sells an area to glide ceaselessly, this means estate market to may appear deepness is adjusted reversely. Before this year 4 months, area of complete of countrywide commodity housing 84.48 million square metre, grow 20.2% compared to the same period, amplitude increases 10.3 percent compared to the same period; Sell an area one hundred and thirty-six million six hundred and forty thousand square metre, dropped however compared to the same period 4% , amplitude drops compared to the same period 20.6 percent.

The report thinks, the report in afore-mentioned data set gives information of the following respects: Estate covers the ground seeks profit mode is tightened to break too by capital catenary; Estate glides in demand the supply below the circumstance grows substantially, adumbrative estate value will face the possibility that whole glides, the yield of estate company will glide further, capital catenary will be tightened up further.

Xu Jiayin says to fear building city is malign most depreciate finance of crisis country economy

Although place Guangzhou is the most flourishing the top class office building of a sector of an area, xu Jiayin's office is not expensive however. Before dawn time, he is wearing clean and common brunet shirt, wear for reporter pour oneself just redemptive Pu'er tea, rise a little at will.

"My childhood is unusually impoverished really, but these experience give me more it is a help, was to form particularly assiduous today, rigorous, tough disposition. " Xu Jiayin says. Perhaps, xu Jiayin did not speak " impoverished effect " , still have his successful to the career enthusiastic pursuit, and after having money " abandon grant " complex.

Hairy steamed bread of corn and unforgettable poineering road

Xu Jiayin, person of Henan week mouth, once was China a of the poorest estate.

"My elementary school is read in doing not have fenestrate cogongrass room, in 6 years, I am to crouch in the attend a lecture on desk of a mud to complete work. What sleep when high school in residence is big shop, a bamboo basket is hanged on the wall each, inside all the year round steamed bread of corn is my all commissariat. The winter can take a week, summer eats 3 days only, still want hairy so. Irrespective, wash wash can eat. Wash wash can eat..

Xu Jiayin gave birth to vivid experience this paragraph to give him power of the deepest life experience and success. To 1998, the career had the ground of Xu Jiayin too impatient to wait of improvement to return old home, contribute with 1 million yuan built hope elementary school- - the home imprints elementary school.
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