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What kind of office building suits an individual to invest
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Office building investment is called the ” of mine of new “ gold that the individual invests, even somebody predicts office building investment will lift new individual to invest upsurge. So, what kind of office building suits an individual to invest quite?
Area basically originate as a result of the appreciation of house property the appreciation of land, and city advocate of central area land rare be short of a gender stronger, appreciation space is very accordingly large. In the meantime, advocate the area of central area growing sex clearly, area resource advantage is advantaged, it is the place that stream of people, content shedding, iformation flow, capital shedding gathers together normally. Say so, whether be located in a city advocate central area, it is the class that measures an office building and the first selection essential factor that whether have investment value.
When class figure individual invests office building, should aim at a client group will invest. As the enterprise, the first goal that chooses office building office often is to promote an enterprise image, many enterprises put the class figure of office building in be next to an area one of main factors.
If invest, the proposal chooses those the smallest hire a guest to also need about 500 ― the office building of floor area of 1000 square metre, because this indicates the company level that is stationed in this property,differ not quite, property class is high, have relatively stable get one's own back possibly henceforth. Of course, this also asks investor has very tall disbursement at the same time ability.
If invest those cutting to have the property that sell into small area, should notice, although total prices may cheap, but because small or petty proprietor is too much, the property level of management that affects this property and redound ability.
Character because to the company that uses actually, the character of office building is crucial, like the design of convenience degree of traffic, parking lot whether reasonable, property is built the grade that establishs quality of face, construction, old hall and decorate, composition of elevator quality and configuration state, structure is ventilated good etc, accordingly, investor also needs to be compared to afore-mentioned content one by one, and spot observation, on-the-spot experience.
Soft form a complete set and content canal are in respect of soft form a complete set, emphasize see informatization, intelligence change configuration, and the stand or fall of property management is decision investment whether the crucial factor that maintains value and rise in value. Should see this manage a company to whether can be accomplished rigorous, safe, meticulous, considerate, quick etc.
The discretion of doorsill of buy course of study and doorsill of redound buy course of study decided to send the person's volume, should inspect property to whether can be mortgaged through the bank buy, the property right fixed number of year that should inspect office building at the same time, existing enter the category arrangement that is stationed in rate and person to be stationed in a company.
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