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Nanning clothbound room lacks uniform standard
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As consumer the demand rises, clothbound repairs a room to launching a challenge to the semifinished product room of the mainstream, but the reporter visits discovery, when clothbound repairs room sale to sell a dot to depend on letting consumer save worry, province, save labour, carry a bag to live namely, but because lack construction, check and accept a standard, make its quality cannot let a person be at ease, consumer can place product quality the conscience that developing business only on

Market current situation

Clothbound writes room question many

“×× decorates clothbound of ” of carry out of step aside of room this day, “×× to repair ”…… of hotel type apartment completely nowadays, clothbound is repaired or decorate a room to be favorred by more and more development business place completely, and have the power that warm up more, become each to recommend a building dish when sell a site greatly. But as intimate as the market look is corresponding, it is notional faintness however: After all what is just clothbound builds a house? The answer that develops business is endless and same. The reporter interviews discovery, because lack corresponding cognizance to reach,check and accept a standard, the “ essence ” of long room spent clothbound to often be hit by development business discount.

“ is early know such, still decorate as him choice at the outset! ” citizen Mr Yao bought provincial capital before New Year some building dish clothbound builds a house. He says frankly, what consider at the outset is economic time, and development business purchases building materials to taste centrally, price also should be met a few lower. But after was being entered in March 2007 before long, the house appears again and again problem. “ is a floor first rough, floor tile appears to rouse a phenomenon for nothing later. Do not know to still can appear next really what problem! ” Mr Yao says, although the problem does not calculate too big, but still let him build a house to clothbound very disappointed.

Actually, the customer that has similar lot with Mr Yao is absent a few. “ takes the door at that time I discover, the carpentry of the house is done not quite finely alive, the moon face of body of the chamfer side the door, wall is handled very perfunctorily. Xiao Hua of ” citizen Pan planned to buy one clothbound to build hotel type boarding house in May 2007, when seeing a room, discover the problem is not little, abandon finally buying.


Reporter investigation

Development business definition has each different

After all what kind of house is just clothbound builds a house? The reporter alleges even recently to provincial capital few points the building that sells clothbound to build a house dish undertake interviewing discovering, development business is not identical to the definition of “ essence ” .
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