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About the ABC of Nanning office building
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Office building ABC

● Floor area: Every floor area presses? of Xiong of  of Biao of Da of ㄖ  curium n/HONNing be unworthy of the honor the building straps horny above sectional computation, include to use, assist area and structural area.

= of area of commodity house sale is covered inside floor area the public area of apportion.

Set inside floor area = is covered inside usable floor area set inside wall body area balcony floor area.

● equallies shared area:

1. Communal and vestibular, corridor, elevator well, stair well, rubbish path. Change electric room, equipment room what serve for whole is communal the floor area that uses a room with room and management.

2. Each unit and floor space are communal the space between building space and level of system of wall of the wall outside reaching are umbriferous 50% of the area

Usable floor area: Benzene of elder brother of Ma of correct of Yan of Da of ㄖ  curium swims  of Biao of unreal of wood of Mei of A Chinese-style unlined garment of thorium of  of    mires Xiong? usable floor area is more than be equal to carpet area.

● utilization rate: ? of  of  of Biao of  of ㄖ of Guo of  of Biao of younger sister of A Chinese-style unlined garment expresses with percentage. Board building 80% , tower 75% , office building 70% bazaar the person flow is large place closely related 65% utilization rate and person discharge, utilization rate is low.
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