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Invest office building business to extend the 3 principles of investment
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Invest office building business to extend the 3 principles of investment

Estate invests with its risk small, redound is dovish be favorred by many investor. Show according to concerning statistic, the crowd scale that enters estate investment in last few years begins to increase, the first time the scale that enters investment field also is in grow in quantity. There is certain unused fund on at hand, the hope achieves the goal of appreciation through investment, this is major the first time the state of mind that investor place holds in the arms, but any investment are to need to assume a risk, especially the first time the crowd that contacts investment. Alleged bosom friend tells the other, 100 battle do not danger, before investment, master investment principle, can avoid risk, increase successful odds.

Office building invests 3 principles

Office building investment is called by the expert the ” of mine of new “ gold of individual investor, even somebody predicts office building investment will lift new individual to invest upsurge. The principle that invests office building is as follows:

Principle one: Choose an area should accurate.

Basically originate because of the appreciation of house property the appreciation of land, and of the city advocate of central area land rare be short of a gender stronger, the space of appreciation is larger, especially advocate central area range is narrow, and set according to active town planning policy, impossibly already again new high-level office building is supplied. City advocate central area resource advantage is advantaged, stream of people, content shedding, iformation flow, capital shedding gathers together, business chance break out. Whether be located in a city advocate central area, it is the class that measures an office building and the first selection essential factor that whether have investment value.

Principle 2: Property character wants tall.

Because to the company that uses actually, the character of office building is crucial, it contained the content of a lot of respects, be like convenience degree of traffic, whether extend in all directions, the design of the parking lot the grade that building of whether reasonable, property establishs quality of face, construction, old hall and decorate, composition of elevator quality and configuration state, structure is ventilated good etc, need one by one to compare, spot observation, on-the-spot experience.

Principle 3: Service of form a complete set wants to perfect.

Top-ranking hardware establishment, match top-ranking soft form a complete set only, ability more coruscate glorious. In respect of soft form a complete set, emphasize see informatization configuration and intelligence change configuration, fundamental analysis index has Lou Yu to accuse system, exterior broadband to be received oneself, in-house and integrated wiring, GSM is indoor enclothe, the configuration degree of network system and changeability, etc. And the stand or fall of property management is the investment that decides you whether the crucial factor that maintains value and rise in value, want to see content be in charge of the brand of the company and social public praise above all, the key is to see this manage a company to whether can be accomplished rigorous, safe, meticulous, considerate, quick wait, had better be the property company that already passed attestation of system of IS09000 international quality, service quality has safeguard more.
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