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How to invest first class office building?
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When should office building of first class of the choose and buy below market situation notice today. Know newest market level above all: Hire of office building of Shanghai first class begins to rise steadily from 2001, circle of business affairs of square of near future people signs up for the unit price that gives 3000~3600 dollar, be located in what Xu Jiahui business affairs encircles to fly continent international square newspaper gives 2800 ~ 3200 dollars are monovalent. Afore-mentioned two areas office building attract a lot of buying, and fly continent 5 months time sells international square 30 thousand square metre, 20 the following in small area floor already sold out entirely.

At present many companies realise a flower 10 years the office building that hire already can purchase 50 years of property right, if choose the building with central in short supply with each passing day the city zone dish, to layout of company future strategy more be necessary. And the effect that office building gets macroscopical adjusting control is lesser, the investment that increases this property had be notted accept generally by the market, because of office building of first class of the city zone of center of choose and buy of enterprise of foreign capital of this near future with each passing day grow in quantity.

Treat condition of business affairs form a complete set next: Whether should notice periphery has astral class hotel and hotel type boarding house particularly? Whether to have business affairs recreational recreation form a complete set, include advanced coffee, hall of recreational center, recreational place, can advanced Chinese meal, Western-style food hall, so that go to the lavatory,welcome visitor, live and meal.

Traffic of travel of the 3rd pedestrian seeing a car: Include to whether have wear traffic of road and sex of mainstay line advantage and person travel high namely the convenience circumstance of understand subway and public transportation site.

The 4th see landscape: Buy office building and residence to differ, pay close attention to the landscape outside the window, eye shot and front more.

The 5th see hardware configuration: Include elevator amount and rate. Level of first class office building is average every 4000 square metre find a place for an elevator, wait ladder time on average 30 seconds left and right sides. Condole top clear height is average 2.5 meters of above. Monolayer floor area configures above of 2000 square metre commonly, the footpath space with can be obtained better and the rate that get a house. Volume of motor vehicle digit is average every 200 square metre provide a motor vehicle configure for the standard. Air conditioning and new wind system should look whether in the center of 4 canals air conditioning, brand how, see mothball power source wait even.

Nanning in last few years office building development is rapid, international of Nanning ground king, a batch of the office building circle east office building base that have level build corridor in succession, as the development of Nanning economy, more and more abroad companies, domestic company enters Nanning early or late, this is a wonderful opportunity to industry of Nanning office building, also be a businessman at the same time, a of office building company good chance.
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