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Developing investment to still help city in perch is an eyewash at all
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Helping city is a bogus proposition

Since the house price of great majority city did not fall, development investment still is in exalted, enterprise benefit also did not appear to glide apparently, the crisis of alleged estate market from why and come? If the fact has indicated nonexistent crisis, so, helping city is an eyewash at all. "Helping city is a bogus proposition. " Mei Sheng of Nie of chairman of chamber of commerce of estate of countrywide business association ever expressed before this.

Director of research center of Fudan University estate Professor Yin Baicheng points out, "Of estate alleged ' help city ' can bury next bigger hidden trouble only. When the market needs to be adjusted naturally, it is to allow market nature to squash after all bubble, still go artificially ' ask city ' the ground is further distend bubble, accumulate contradiction, we still have choice opportunity now. " estate of China of association of countrywide real estate and Gu Yunchang of residential seminar vice-chairman say special repulsion to helping city, he expresses, at present market of countrywide whole estate is in rational regression in the process, house price and estate development area still did not drop, two years house price rose too unusually in the past, returning to slowly now.

Actually, the reporter holds to such viewpoint from beginning to end, building city and stock market are absolutely not identical two markets, it rises won't simply to fall greatly greatly, at present estate market is put in the environment that saves city far from. If we compare building city and stock market, can discover, above all their market property is different, the stock market is a real investment market, it is the place of capital flow and industry financing, and building city is different, its principal function is the living demand of contented people, just hold the function of investment concurrently next; Next, supply kind is different, the supply of the stock market can be sent through adding new will come true, from will for a long time look is infinite, and building city is supplied the most essential is to originate land, it is finite; Finally, the exert oneself point of policy is different also, basically center on the flow direction of market fund to the adjusting control of the stock market, and to building city criterion more depend on letting each common people can enjoy living right adequately. And all these, the progress that decided building city is relatively steady and periodic and longer.

Style or manner of writing so far, we are already special and clear such fact, helping city is a very absurd formulation at all, not was necessary not only, and return misdirect broad society masses. And meanwhile it is the window paper with an one broken disclose, because in its backside just exposed local government and the interest seat that develop business.

In the final analysis, alleged the primary purpose that helps city say depends on hoping to publish interest good policy, will help development company ease depreciating pressure, the quantity clinchs a deal before spend eye low confused this one difficulty. Below this kind of circumstance, the local change that appears inside a few industries was exaggerated by factitious ground, and present fact has proved, one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two yuan when city of building of so called Shenzhen appears " break for " it is eyewash at all. Actually the development of estate has the law of its oneself, although be in,fall for a long time to good big background, also can appear the adjustment of level sex, this is the work that does not pass normally again. No matter be our investor or estate company, should rational face market occurrence change, and cannot day one uneasy howling cry for help, the game that these children play closes some earlier still had better.
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