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Deepness of orgnaization of the investment outside the condition " surround hunt
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A few days ago, design an office by German LTK, 5 add up to international to build design group, Shanghai continent couplet group appears the 5 joint-stock orgnaizations crossing a state that add up to wisdom library to invest the 6 big orgnaizations such as advisory limited company to be comprised jointly formally. Recombine this to be thought by industry, although Chinese building city is in,adjust period, but orgnaization of the investment outside the condition is right of Chinese estate market intervene deeper and deeper however. After the property that crosses one billow high in one billow buys upsurge, the attention of foreign capital begins to change the relevant field such as development and design.

Zhao Yunwei of deputy secretary-general of association of Chinese town planning expresses when accepting a reporter to interview, new the continent couplet group that establish adopted a kind to be similar to " college school is amalgamative " operation mode, enhancing comprehensive strength while promoted 6 enterprises respective brand force. 5 add up to international to build force of design group Liu to express, the near future, this one brand will be in continent couplet group the respect such as area of residence of high-tech, zoology, garden is used. Current, the company is in with Germany one orgnaization undertakes negotiating, the plan participates in to be able to last large-scaly project.

Look inside course of study, try water to arrive to march actively to arrive again from caution adjust the strategy, foreign capital also experienced the process of a successive in the investment pace of market of our country estate. The report that comes from institute of Tsinghua university estate shows, after entering new century, because the stability of our country economy develops the addition with market diaphaneity quickly, estate market appears to invest an opportunity in great quantities, attract foreign capital again large-scale enter. Although share the foreign capital of industry of our country real-estate at present,proportion is held inside the market not tall, but growth rate is very rapid, and invest limits escalate.

Will look from investment target, since 2003, international capital is entered with orgnaization investor give priority to, investment estate domain changes the blame such as commerce, industry to residential property from residential property stage by stage, the residential property that the key that chooses investment is hotel of class of first class office building, excellent service apartment, 5 stars, high-grade business to use property and project of industrial real estate and property right to disperse respectively. Will look from management domain, foreign capital develops a field from estate stage by stage outspread serve to property management, intermediary, rent manage and the business such as financial investment. Inchoate estate proprietor of an enterprise should pursue the direct investment business of estate, and in recent years abroad orgnaization investor has entered estate in the round design, development, manage, intermediary serves and cast each link such as financing, even more the preference is bought at whole, timely undertake renting manage or be coveringed showing. Will look from investment district, foreign capital is progressively wait for second line city to expand to Nanjing, Wuhan, Harbin gradually from the city of a gleam of such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen. As city of a gleam of the fall of resource of property of high grade commerce, a large number of foreign capital begin to be permeated to 2 class city gradually.
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