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New politics office building of shop of business of town of activation Chengdu b
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It is when the person that buy a house is more and more indecisive to residential investment, an investment undercurrent that waits for blame residence property to business shop, office building has emerged move come. As we have learned, the community business shop of the residential project such as peninsula of the urban ideal that rolls out at present, shallow water, upland obtained the market echo that expect is less than; Meanwhile, the blame residence project such as economy of the office building of city immanent carry out, headquarters also strengthened market offensive, the investment field of Chengdu building city begins to produce move to the burgeoning configuration such as shop of office building, business by traditional residence sadly. This Zhou Si, the investment billabong to current estate market undertakes our newspaper general report deep.

The rare shop that lack business becomes popular commodities

Last week 4, the city is good with " heaven and earth of dyer street small commodities " content carried a full page ad in our newspaper, popularize its shop of business of independence of full property right, the phone calls in that day the quantity achieves 630 groups, those who hand in sincerity gold amount to more than groups 120. Such hot degree, be in current any residential buildings dish looking is inconceivable. Additional, the community business of the project such as shallow water peninsula, upland is spread, progress of the sale below the circumstance that publicizing external is very great, shallow water peninsula 1 period the sale ends already basically, 2 period also had sold nowadays half. The upland that builds distance trade group is the upsurge that starts shop of an investment business inside area more, shop of 1 period business is in-house merely be sold and empty, the 2 period business that are about to roll out at present pave way of the total construction that face a market, room source contention is unusually intense also. After can exhibiting the California international near the center to roll out business to spread, also sell out almost, many investor had queued up subscribe is final 10 will cover business to spread.

New politics after coming on stage, chengdu building city appears anabiosis posture, the temptation of finance allowance and the sales promotion that develop business let demand of tigidity of benefit success prize, of the residence clinch a deal the volume rises steadily. But exit from the stock market as many capital, face prospect have not Anacreontic building city, socially disengaged capital is eager to seeking an optimal source, the product with redound stability, high return rate is paid close attention to unprecedentedly. Occupy reporter understanding additionally, the business shop supply on near future market is little, dragon lake · 3000 lis, Qing Bo aing shady retreat on a green hill commerce building that selling dish also obtained not of common clinch a deal outstanding achievement.

Office building product warms up stealthily
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