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Insurance business is huge endowment market of devoted office building still hol
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According to the report, in recent years each insurance company opens up in succession gigantic endowment purchase office building of for private use, according to statistic, the property total that insurance company purchased 2006 has exceeded 200 thousand square metre. And enter came 2008, the main investor that office building of town of domestic a gleam of does carry out to trade first quarter comes from at insurance company and bank.

Invest estate market directly to insurance company in the meeting that keep watch have not below the circumstance of discharged, so many insurance company buys the way of office building through name of for private use, buy exceeds the office place that oneself place wants far, enter estate market round thereby, risk business " still hold the lute in the arms half block face " which kinds be after all?

Above all, insurance company longing shares from inside the development of estate market a cup of a thick soup. In recent years, development of industry of our country real-estate is swift and violent, house price advances triumphantly all the way. Insurance company is the appreciation keeping a cost of capital fund of insurance of implementation oneself huge amount, earnestly needs to extend new investment profit point of growth. Real estate with its tall grow, tall redound sex and accept risk business favour quite. 2008 the stock market behaves the pressure that fare badly to fall, insurance company had the power that invests a risk dispersedly through real estate more.

Next, the rent ready money that high-grade office building rents place is formed flows relatively stable. Although the office building that insurance company purchases writes down fixed assets, use in great quantities however rental. Because the rent person of high-grade office building is credit mostly the company unit with good, solid actual strength, risk of break a contact is inferior, tall look forward to of hire of together with market, insurance company can gain profit not to poor in the long-term contract that rent from which.

Again, the mercantile capital of China of all through the ages returns to Yu Liangtian beauty finally mostly curtilage, they think only such ability are true sureness making a person " true gold fact is silver-colored " . Insurance company produces property field in the room eagerly horse race encircles the ground, it is the instinct that stems from capital to pursue interest admittedly, but in the environment that deeplies worried in room city, also have to say to get on certain level the influence of culture of Chinese traditional business.

Invest the behavior of praedial **** to risk business curve, is superintendency orgnaization to block up scanty still? The author thinks government should the estate of how-to dredge insurance company invests demand, certain to these having " underground " the economic activity of property, take a top of a table, superintend clearly with open, transparent means, adopt the standard with code, clear and proper policy. Blindly limitation, appear very likely " plain stop up and;burst;ulcerate;fester, injury person needs much " sequential.
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