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Fund of hundreds 100 million insurance is cast satisfy investment demand with es
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Attentive person can discover, beijing banking market (000402, ) , one belt of CBD already had increasing belt to wear the high buildings and large mansions of insurance company LOGO. Insurance device buys property, becoming an upsurge. And professor of post of country of arm spread of university of capital classics trade told on June 23 " investor signs up for " latest news is, a lot of insurance company had been developed in preparation and area of safe and relevant garden of provide for the aged, this mark is worn insurance has begun to march the residence kind real-estate project.

Recently first quarter on insurance press conference, china protects inspect to meet a chairman assistant holds news spokesman Yuan Li concurrently to express, the meeting that keep watch will be sure from improvement this year asset configuration, stable yield sets out, study insurance device invests the relevant policy of property, develop choose aircraft pilot. Chinese age group and joint-stock company, each comfortable banking market purchases new office building, with one action of peaceful Kang Renshou takes below two office building, group of Pacific Ocean insurance already also purchased the big large building on financial market. The property that insurance company bought last year, already accumulative total amounts to 200 thousand square metre.

The personage inside course of study tells a reporter, these property exceeded its office requirement far, basically be their investment demand. "But insurance fund prepares in what invest venture capital side and experience is not very enough, step on a dot not to see so that walk best. " teach via trade university Xu Gaolin external expressed to be anxious to this.

Policy principle discharged

The earliest, the basis defends the provision with can consistent inspect, insurance fund besides can wait for real estate of means medical contacts to invest a domain through buying landed company share, the policy that invests commercial real estate directly about insurance fund does not have discharged all the time. And promulgated in June 2006 " a certain number of opinions that the State Council develops about insurance reform " (the abbreviation inside course of study " country 10 " ) , for insurance company invest in bank, praedial open floodgate with infrastructure, still begin insurance fund to invest poineering investment the enterprise is pilot, supportive insurance device invests medical establishment, the insurance capital fund that allows to accord with a condition manages company escalate asset to manage range, opened investment channel to offer a lot of possibility for insurance company.

Be in " country 10 " below the big setting that come on stage, the development of insurance also had more and more guessing. In August 2006, " Shanghai insurance develops " 915 " program (draft) " (next weighing " draft " ) open veil. " draft " put forward, "Strengthening risk pilot premise to fall, encourage insurance company to invest infrastructure construction and estate, develop poineering investment fund. Develop poineering investment fund..
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