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Office building of administration of Zhengzhou city regulation is forbidden priv
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Net of great river of dispatch of window of people net Henan - Henan daily report: (reporter He Ke) henceforth, the office building of administrative institution rents gold wants finance of turn over to the higher authorities. On June 10, zhengzhou municipal government allots an announcement, made clear institution of Zhengzhou city administration the administrative system of state-owned asset and the administrative responsibility of each the door, each unit.

Announcement requirement, henceforth if administrative institution is about to own this unit, used state-owned capital fund borrows external hire, need signs up for examine and verify of city Bureau of Finance, approve via municipal government, if privately is rental, lend, the branch basically is led responsibility of the administration that be found out. Classics the income that after examining and approve, state-owned asset forms rental, lend wants sum capture to enter finance only door or the treasury, defray is used arrange as a whole by city finance. In the meantime, administrative institution is not gotten with any forms in order to have, used state-owned capital fund handles economic substance, must not invest external with state-owned asset more, assure.

Zhengzhou municipal government returns a regulation, the major meeting that via municipal government approval holds, held large activity, purchase new capital fund no longer as far as possible, however by city Bureau of Finance according to adjust first, hind rent, the principle that purchases again undertakes examination. After large activity ends, sponsor an unit to do sth without authorization is had or must not deal with purchased state-owned asset, and after by the program the newspaper is approved, ought to undertake dealing with again.
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