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Limited company of easy science and technology of Henan each other entrusts Zhen
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Limited company of science and technology of easy network of Henan each other is round-the-world each other easy information group is subordinate, it is the subsidiary that each other established in Zhengzhou city in July 2002 easily, uptodate its follower employee exceeds 60 people, service and Internet are registered in the brand of intellectual property domain respect of current network address has outstanding show.
Limited company of science and technology of easy network of Henan each other and entrust Zhengzhou office building formally on July 3, 2008 net optional location, at present preliminary already make choice of handles official bussiness place!

Easy information of round-the-world each other (accuse) the group held water 1992, it is the business that pursues operation of yellow page media the earliest in home, 14 years cultivated, for round-the-world each other easy accumulated giant client network, this is the cornerstone with easy the soliddest progress of round-the-world each other.

1999, ground of easy acumen of round-the-world each other understands thoroughly Internet business chance, march with all one's strength Internet serves a field. Good by right of easy fine of round-the-world each other business background, abundant technology actual strength, huge client base. A few years short time, round-the-world each other becomes the person above average that serves a field for countrywide Internet quickly easily, be in early 2002, in many domestic Internet service business still is in fumble confused when, round-the-world each other is easy the miracle that created year of turnover to cross 100 million yuan.

Nowadays, round-the-world each other is easy had won countless honor and title, via MII the attestation of domain name of Chinese internet network of first accredit registers service orgnaization, exclusive attestation registers Hong Kong current network address service orgnaization, macao is general exclusive attestation registers network address service orgnaization, 2003 - gold of 2005 year China registers service orgnaization, CNNIC appoints " Chinese network address searchs a guideline " editorial office, office of procurement control of Guangdong province government appoints " the government purchases information directory " editorial office...

Up to in June 2006, round-the-world each other already was the client of 1 million easily to provide a service, change a service to offer quicker this locality to the client, round-the-world each other is easy in recent years on Chinese map ceaseless and patulous, headquarters of group Asia-Pacific division is set in Hong Kong now, chinese headquarters is established in Guangzhou, wait for province city to have more than 20 branch in Guangdong, Shanghai, Sichuan, Yunnan, Henan, Chongqing at the same time, employee number evens more 1000 more than person.

The target with round-the-world easy each other is to become the enterprise Internet with China and even Asia-Pacific the largest area to receive service of service, enterprise electron business affairs and promotion service supplier. Prospective day, round-the-world each other is easy will continue to clutch the lifeblood that information age develops, ceaseless development and when the new product that all takes serves, build network sale platform for the enterprise of two hundred and seventy-six million four hundred and forty-seven thousand two hundred and thirty-two, ceaseless augment popularizes channel, create more capacious gain vacuum for company unit and indefatigable effort!
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