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New China insurance Henan branch hand in hand Zhengzhou office building net
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At the beginning of June, new China insurance Henan branch entrusts Zhengzhou office building formally the network is new optional location. New China insurance Henan branch expands as a result of business, former office condition already cannot satisfy his to expand demand, the decision selects new office site in churchyard of golden water district. It is reported, new China the optional location standard of insurance Henan branch is:
1, be close to trunk, communication is easy, establishment of area form a complete set is all ready;
2, floor area is between 1000-2000 square metre;
3, office building grade is 5A class, elevator 4 above, car enough.
Be about to know more detail, seek advice from Zhengzhou office building please net king gentleman, connect a telephone call: 0371-63395400
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