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Business shop invests a few when require attention practical problems
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Some content can be not ignored in process of business shop investment, need is enough take seriously. The detail of unfavorable negligence in investing a process for business shop below:

1, property right is clear
Business includes what extend property right to business to fulfil the process with property right of examine and verify in the later period link of shop investment. The issue with business shop attributive property right is more complex, the intermediary orgnaization help that should ask major commonly is finished, should notice whether business shop already was mortgaged particularly, whether to exist " one female 2 marry " etc.

2, applicability is strong
Although him investor not distributor shop, also need to consider from the angle of operator, what does this business shop suit to do? Statistic shows, big city waits in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, meal is a large amount of the 3rd kind of after living room and illicit car consumption, so investment business spreads appropriate to be necessary to consider to run the requirement of meal above all: Be like more capacious space, can put down many pieces of mesa; The capacity burning gas of at least 16 stere, open chaffy dish city to need more; The good blowdown, system that discharge wind.
Use as supermarket or convenience inn are another big demand, average supermarket needs 350 - 1000 square metre, convenience inn does not exceed 100 square metre. Say commonly, the applicability that business spreads is stronger, its are answered hire rate will be higher, return rate also can rise accordingly.
3, should not be before the door the large tree that has keep out.   
4, should not be before the door the driveway keeps apart baluster or Huang Xian, stream of people of that meeting influence and jockey.
5, business shop had better be in the both sides of public transportation site, and unfavorable to the site. Public transportation site can bring stream of people, but leave too nearly too noisy, people can be consumed involuntarily, or see come the car goes person.
6, the layer had better be in high 3.5 m above, can go to the lavatory condole supports; If 4. 5 m is met more welcome, tenant can lie between two to use.
7, had better not buy the business store with taller floor, tenant likes not quite commonly.
8, best can open back door, accord with the requirement of fire control.
9, if need to make lamp case, must ask for those who upstairs get resident to agree first.

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