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Zhengzhou office building " dinkum " the bewilderment on the road
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□ plum front courtyard considers the employment that amount to buy south Lin He limited company vise general manager

Henan of □ Jiang Fang saves all alone to overcome general manager of industrial limited company


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Office building, already became the barometer that modern city economy grows. 2000 around, the pressure that the market competes, the high-level residence that makes situation of a few sales grim makes major shift rectify on the fixed position of the project, affix " SOHO " label is acclaimed wantonly. The commercial building with these ambiguous fixed position, let the dinkum office building up a stump with not much amount to for a time. Make high-level item of the residence originally, adjust a product to locate the heavy major key that go up is rectified so again, be politic helpless still?

Office building market, call " dinkum " . However, review the progress of market of Central Plains estate, should say, in angle " dinkum " on the road, zhengzhou is dinkum model office building, those who had gone is a paragraph " real estate suffers from brigade " . Office building, leave Central Plains real estate too much reflection and bewilderment.

So, in Zhengzhou estate market, does major office building have the market after all? If have, foreground how? Commercial building, be the only outlet that office building develops? Besides, whether does office building market have no alternative really?

On September 2, should the invitation of our newspaper, concerned industry public figure with respect to this topic, benevolence person see benevolence, wisdom person see wisdom, expressed oneself view respectively.

The keyword is analytic current situation of Zhengzhou office building

Jiang Fang: Zhengzhou city still does not have good office building actually, though commercial floor space, office building house is not little also now, but truly good office building can be counted on one's fingers. Current, the enterprise of Zhengzhou belongs to medium and small businesses mostly, large company is not much, these medium and small businesses also have demand to major office building. But, people still thinks high-level residence turns now residential office building, get used to this kind of demand quite.

My individual thinks, the severe test that passes the market and fall into disuse, alleged also the business that business also stays in lives model office building, had not fitted this kind of market. Above all, the commercial building brings a lot of inconvenience to management, it is the means government that presses the residence, be still the way management that handles official bussiness by office building? This is a problem. Additional, the commercial building also goes against the unity on figure.
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