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Investment business shop values landscape
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Ms. Li is foreign enterprise white-collar, want to add him develop very much " the 2nd profession " , after balance advantages and disadvantages, she feels to invest business shop, the snack bar that runs an exotic amorous feelings is to drop personal strong point. But the demand that she spreads to business is quite high, the hope should be accorded with already " small endowment emotional appeal " , want to attract a youth to beg the personalized feature that seeks other newly again. Such " make the best of both worlds " where does business spread to search?

Expert proposal: Choice business spreads investment, should apt landscape is built quite the business shop of beautiful, because young the rise that turns consumptive group, commercial real estate already entered the period that seeks characteristic, individual character, and the landscape business shop with good choice, can gather together better shopping stream of people, promotion shopping environment and appreciate dovishly foreground. Now, the shopping business of oneness is spread, already cannot satisfy the shopping desire of consumer, be aimed at the lifestyle of vogue of young customer angle, diversity, combine a variety of functions form a complete set, will shop, meal, recreation, recreational be in harmony is spread for the business of an organic whole, ability satisfies shopping requirement of the youth, let consumer park meantime and enjoy oneself so much as to forget to leave.

Visit a shop small stick person

Why does the landscape business of Lifestyle   Center spread fill the blank of commercial real estate?

Current, development is faced with Wuhan commerce real estate coessential change, gross structure of superfluous, product is unreasonable distributing with area lopsided wait for a problem. But as young change those who consume a group to beg what beg different psychology and personalized feature newly increasingly apparent, commercial real estate has entered the period that seeks individual character of characteristic, pursuit.

Review residential market, landscape becomes development business to improve the principal weight used on a balance of price undoubtedly. This kind of trend also is being permeated quickly into domain of commercial real estate, development business pays attention to landscape construction more and more, it is especially in competition of intense with each passing day business shop sale, landscape already developed it to spread the main effect of market competition ability and price to increasing business.

In the meantime, on the foundation that pays attention to landscape advantage, the scene style experience that blends in the popularity on international consumes mode, criterion more the commercial project infuse of Wuhan a new vitality. Open mode, open air " Lifestyle   Center " , combined bar, snack, sound to resemble category of a variety of functions such as inn of articles for use of house of wine of inn, smoke, small-sized household form a complete set, will shop, meal, recreation, recreational connect interactive, attract not only 20 - 35 years old of brunt between are consumed group, will attract many sightseeing tourist more, this kind of new-style trade pattern, not only fill the market is blank, also offerred for the businessman than mode of traditional shopping centers more commercial value.
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