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Office building value underestimates brought investment opportunity
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The landed market of 3 times Beijing that office building price should be the residence an abnormal phenomenon is: Residential price often the price that prep above is the same as area office building, zhongGuanCun also is such. Center of money of ZhongGuanCun E world regards area position as best, form a complete set the office building of 5A of ground mark sex with the most perfect, highest class, price is just 15000 yuan / square metre, meanwhile, new the front courtyard of apartment cubic metre that roll out all valence achieved 23000 yuan / square metre.

Place produces office building ministry in Hui Jian of Cai of vise general manager says: "Below normal circumstance, commercial office building compares residential price certainly tall, hong Kong or the estate market of a few abroad, every square metre sells the residence 10 thousand yuan, the price of office building can arrive almost 30 thousand, this scale is normaller. This scale is normaller..

The price that will office building value return to standard office building why should prep above residence? Above all, what office building has is a sector of an area with best city; Next, the residence of development cost far outclass of office building; The 3rd, office building has the value of commercial operation, having the function of appreciation, should compare pure residential value absolutely tall.

So, those who show level " hang " what is the reason? Expert analysis, a, the value is decided by supply demand relations, the demand of residential market is upsurging, the tide of office building has not come; Second, residential market was attracted a lot of fry the home, and office building is very few and short-term investment behavior.

The expert thinks, after office building centers to the limit of one's capacity to end, the abidance that accompanies economy develops and advance of internationalization ceaselessly, the value of office building will return its original height.

Value underestimates brought investment opportunity

Office building value is underestimated to be investment at present model bought the home to offer once in a blue moon opportunity. Be in ZhongGuanCun, buy best office building (like center of money of ZhongGuanCun E world) , the price and in high-grade apartment (if the day makes boarding house of international of luck of apartment of international of 10 thousand luck, Ai Se) about the same, does their investment value have how old difference?

According to the data analysis of Central Plains property, at present if house property of ZhongGuanCun high end is secondhand the hire of two house month of apartment is 5100-8150 yuan, and office building month hires valence to be 17 ~ 18 dollars every square metre. Invest the property of 500 square metre likewise, if buy the boarding house of two bedrooms, can buy 4 about, every month hire calculates by 8000 yuan, every month gains profit in all 32000 yuan; And if buy the 500 office building of smooth rice, press every months of every square metre the hire of 17 dollars all valence computation, can acquire 8500 dollars, close 68000 multivariate RMB.
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