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Zhengzhou office building 3 big trends
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Opposite at city of a gleam of, market of Zhengzhou office building or a character are relatively backward, urgently the market of fractionize. Office building is the barometer of region economy, as the flying development of Zhengzhou and even Henan economy, market of Zhengzhou office building is having vast ascendant space and development latent capacity.

The personage inside course of study thinks, develop a characteristic in the light of demand of office building market and industry, undertake product configuration upgrades, look for exact location and fractionize market, advocate zoology energy-saving model office space, it is the inevitable tendency that prospective Zhengzhou office building develops.

[configuration upgrades] " outside show intelligent in " business affairs synthesis

Judge the quality of an office building, simple and character, outside notting have area, hardware establishment and property serve 3 fields, the promotion of character of prospective office building, cannot leave these categories likewise.

An investigation shows, when company optional location, traffic streamline had conclusive effect, take client intent 5 become. Course of study of place of Henan new field Ding Meng of limited company general manager thinks, traffic situation already became the first selection essential factor that is stationed in company efficiency and development speed, the high-end office building that has better growing space is located in gold area normally traffic core area, draw near the mainstay line of two above, a variety of vehicle can arrive directly, henceforth area one of core element that value still is office building.

If say a division the congenital condition that is office building, so the underlying tone that hardware establishment is office building. In recent years, development of Zhengzhou office building had great progress, but in expert eye, this kind of progress stays merely outer establish a face to go up.

Shenzhen city star as man of virtual and ability Cheng Bin of vise general manager of branch of Zhengzhou of landed and advisory limited company thinks, of Zhengzhou office building outside establish a range more and more beautiful really, but after the severe flump with hardware establishment not conform to, some " outwardly strong and inwardly weak " , mature office building should pay attention to business affairs environment and healthy and comfortable space more build.

Zhengzhou university designs Wang Ying of academy assistant chief engineer integratedly to say, will tell commonly, the car that office building offers achieve 1 ∶ than answering 1. The service area of every elevator should be ㎡ of 4000 ㎡ ~5000, speed is 2.5 meters / second. Additionally the grade of old hall is mixed decorate, structural composition is applicable, communal interval is open, central air conditioning has without new wind system, office building layer is tall, daylighting, ventilated good the character that waited for an element to decide property.
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