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In office building city " natural "
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In the bookshops is circulating a view, those who develop the residence is pupil, those who develop business is a high school student, those who develop office building is an undergraduate. This shows, office building has the development that place of other property configuration does not have and operation difficulty. If unplug like emerge,face the ground and the office building that have and of all sorts of different version " top class standard " , the business that expects to have better office environment has some of not know what to do: What more objective evaluation level does high-grade office building have after all? Recently, building site of the professional personage that covered aspect of relevant office building in the reporter, essence produces the discovery after president Liang Yaohua, zhengzhou is high-grade of office building " standard " , as market level had turned, more and more " plump " .
[standard of science and technology] comfortable hold concurrently with efficiency

Why should development business build structure of science and technology? Inside very long period of time, people did not reach due rational height to this understanding. Show according to concerning data, long-term in light of, science and technology is built especially green of science and technology is built but energy-saving 30%~70% , advocate peace to course of study for the person that use, safeguard and operation expenses also will decrease accordingly.

Some closer year, in artistic formally, the results of office building appears the building science and technology that prep above affects the national economy and the people's livelihood. And in architectural easy the basic function side such as measurable, efficiency, specific power consumption, life, do not have big breakthrough however. To this, building site of essence of life produces president bridge to boast ornamental columns erected in front of palaces is shown, raising content of science and technology is the inevitable tendency that office building future develops. Using science and technology is not a purpose, want to change architectural easy to achieve a kind to be the market, ultimate goal that serves for the client moderately through the technology however. It is reported, the high-tech development trend of office building basically reflects in 3 respects: Take intelligence seriously to change a design, take managing specific power consumption seriously design, improve indoor health comfortable sex.

The installation that intelligence changes office building to precede through a series of international automation of system of communication automation system of the technology, floor space automation, OA system, security personnel manages the facility such as the system namely, make every building turns a contain into the informatization coordinate of tremendous energy, and enter it is OK to be stationed in an enterprise follow one's inclinations applying pertinent information.

This points to the accurate monitoring of the water of the edifice, report, air conditioning, elevator, fire control, security not only, and the high speed news report that passes speech and data is received, make the office efficiency of the enterprise gets comprehensive promotion.
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