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Buy course of study invests office building: The minority that invests office bu
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The weather with torrid summer still fails to make office building market warms up.

With the residence the bronco photograph of this bolt is compared, of office building not lukewarm not fire caused the attention inside course of study. According to statistic of Davis of the first peace and tranquility, come from 2001 2006, of the residence all price rises for 80 % , and office building is 30 % only. Inside same area, office building price cans be found everywhere under the circumstance of circumjacent residence project. What investor of extensive house property shows appreciation for sb, still won't be office building.

"Average investor does not understand office building market, lack takes tropism. " Dai Deliang goes office building ministry is advanced manager magnify bright express, investor is not willing to contact unfamiliar to invest article, the difference that invests actual strength also decided the investor of office building can be minority only. "Office building trades the area is general not under 200 square metre, such total prices at every turn millions of, relative to character, investment doorsill of the residence is a lot of lower. Investment doorsill of the residence is a lot of lower..

Investment return rate is the decision invests the crucial factor of orientaton. The high grade boy or girl friend that office building hires -- the area of demand of large company place is in commonly above of 500 square metre, search an enterprise to rent the difficulty that hires than the individual to want to be gotten greatly apparently much. New in close rub Guan Wanghai of Er presiding operation thinks however, just is an enterprise such act are rigorous, more the rental boy or girl friend that tells sincere letter, ability can guarantee the hire benefit of investor more.

"Face such situation, small or petty proprietor cooperates only manage, just the opportunity strives for better client natural resources, and the sensitive region that this also produces issue easily just about. " Yang Qing of high power international expresses. Actually, be in new in in two office building that close, although a break up sells, but the great majority that clinch a deal is whole purchased company client, what individual investor holds proportion very small.

The program is supplied cause the maximum pressure that hire carry out

"The price is decided by supply demand relations. " the personage inside course of study expresses generally, below real market environment, supply with demand often be not quits. "ZhongGuanCun is a typical case. A large number of office building like emerge are supplied attribute governmental action, and the double pressure that this caused price of the office building inside this area and hire directly. And the double pressure that this caused price of the office building inside this area and hire directly..

"Below the circumstance that does not have mature significant demand, business of office building development is faced with with area the pressure of coessential competition, they must from control cost, reclaim the angle of capital takes appropriate sale kind. " major of high power international seeks advice from a senior manager Yang Qing to express, be in 2003, 2004, the office building project of not little ZhongGuanCun, CBD adopted the amount to below the program to come loose the means of carry out.
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