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Office building everybody just is good really very
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Of residential market low fan, business spreads " double tall " risk, the estate market nowadays, after all what product is hard currency?
More and more office building appear in the gold a sector of an area of Zhengzhou, and quality is higher and higher. From " headquarters economy " arrive " originality STUDIO " , the office building market of Zhengzhou lasts all the time high temperature. Who be, be in the office building Zhengzhou " in income bursa " ?

[headquarters economy] hello, my it may not be a bad idea

Today the office building market of Zhengzhou, the name is " headquarters economy " mode is spreading. "Headquarters economy " it is to show some area passes innovation all sorts of advantage, attract transnational corporation and other cities headquarters of large company group is entered halt. Pass polarization effect and diffusion effect, form the be called by a joint name of group position base and the economic activity that sound value catenary divides the work.

In October 2006, shanghai Pudong develops headquarters of bank Zhengzhou branch to enter center of banking of international of the hair that be stationed in riverside. In January 2008, headquarters of branch of Zhengzhou of Guangdong development bank enters large building of finance of wide hair of · of the oil in be stationed in, in March 2008, headquarters of branch of Zhengzhou of the bank that enrol business is entered be stationed in · of center of Zhengzhou nation trade to enrol silver-colored edifice...

Occupy a personage inside course of study to divulge, hong Kong collects abundant bank to will be entered formally first half of the year 2008 halt, broken bits of bank of banner of beautiful national flower, England hits bank, East Asia bank to wait for tycoon of international class finance to already extended antenna CBD of Xiang Zhengdong new developed area, preparing in early days at present in. Predict to came 2008 2009, will property of more financial headquarters class come out centrally.

Be in not only Zhengzhou is such, in city of domestic a gleam of, bank headquarters always also favors top class office building, and with alone buy outright show a person. Why more and more finance headquarters took a fancy to these top class office building, what reason is there again among this? "From the consideration on the angle of cost, have oneself alone headquarters building, can reduce the carry of the enterprise to make cost, will tell to be in the business that expands level steadily, buy building comparing to lease a building more be to one's profit, if with 130 yuan / square metre / lunar hire calculates even administration fee, hire a room 5 years to already was equivalent to the headquarters building that Mai Yidong area comparatives. In the meantime, from the point of investment field, the enterprise has the headquarters building of own property right to be able to serve as the praedial investment of appreciation, can participate in the economic activity such as industry financing more. " Li Xuemin of the personage inside senior course of study says.
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