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Zhengzhou office building: 10 years thick accumulate thin hair
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Move from residential building when more and more enterprises, search such similar CBD concentration office division when, the office building development of Zhengzhou had entered a brand-new period.

According to the data of bureau of Zhengzhou city statistic, 2005 before the end of the year, of Zhengzhou town office building putting in gross area still is 680 thousand square metre, but after half an year, this number increased 52. 2 square metre. Arrived 2007 first half of the year, making work or more project of more than 30 office building is about to sell. And be in only area of Zheng Dongxin area CBD, the increment of office building floor area that can foreknow in the program will amount to 1.2 million square metre.

The outline of the office building community with huge Zhengzhou has begun to rise to surface. Without doubt, office building community is the companion biology that economy grows certain level, although be at present in the Zheng Dongxin area CBD that Zhengzhou takes great pride, jockey difficult question already peep clue, but this also means Zhengzhou to be opposite the huge demand of office building community already on the verge of breaking out.

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In fact, the office building community of Zhengzhou from the situation that develops much dot to blossom to the line by the dot, be the epitome that Zhengzhou city economy grows ceaselessly, and latter gives again ceaseless flourishingly office building market offerred sufficient demand to support. In the memory of the earlier even before 10 years person that do poineering work, know the overblown blossoms-things that are stale and no longer of interest of the office building that transforms by office building of national government organization near the bridge newly; Prospective edifice and abundant amount to a country a new force suddenly rises of trade; The business affairs building of fleabane hill road, construction road gets together dot, ave of road of Chinese redbud hill, thing " gold is crossed " banding business affairs Lou Qun, what take via the 3 high-grade office building of road, agriculture road is gradational rise abruptly, give this city " face " affixed not small honor. And the impetus that group of office building of Zheng Dongxin area CBD rises abruptly let this inland city have at a draught attract international the proud capital of top-ranking enterprise.

Triumphant dragon of red star beauty achieves Du Xiwei of chief inspector of rich international sale to tell a reporter, the office building market with current Zhengzhou is striding to the 4th acting office building: generation office building can be satisfied at basic function only merely. The 2nd acting office building besides contented functional requirement, interior space begins to be broken up neatly in the light of the client, intelligence changes level to promote somewhat. The 3rd acting office building begins a consideration to be with close-fitting demand of the client oriented, join concept of office of green environmental protection, raise easy measurable, raised the level that intelligence changes greatly. Alleged the 4th acting office building, go up in the functional foundation of the 3rd generation namely, emphasize be a center with client demand, aim to provide the business affairs platform with low efficient cost, the communication that advocates human nature to change and communication, pay attention to office space to be mixed to the education of company culture and employee quality rise, guide intelligence to change dress to international level, aggrandizement green environmental protection does general concept, offer more comfortable share communication space, and the need of economic integration of contented whole world, reach the level of community of internationalization business affairs thereby.
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