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Make work not to hire only: Zhengzhou office building develops crucial point int
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Manage means contrast with traditional office building, hire only do not make work mean development him business to assume rose to run a risk. To assure rental rate, development business is on quality must bend does his best, ability attracts business door to enter halt, assure profit.
Office building, residential price. Office building of flourishing a sector of an area is clear dish of big sales promotion! × × edifice is grand open quotation, surprise privilege nots allow to miss... live in Zhengzhou, similar the eyeball that such office building sells advertisement to be full of a citizen.  

"I want not to come out, zhengzhou has use at hack office building only. " a girl that goes to work in international company center says to the reporter.

Give priority to common fault in order to make work

Below traditional pattern, bank and other places can arrive after development business takes the land strive for financing, after development is finished to assure capital steam again as soon as possible, general metropolis sells 70 % ~ the office building of 90 % , have some of case that appears to sell entirely even. Review the office building of central area, it is by a few medium or small civilian battalion the company invests build.

Develop business to choose to begin trade of sale, action when the project just starred building mostly, hope to be in namely capital of the shortest time steam again, so that at can circulating again and again develops new project. "Hire only do not make work to us these capital are not very enough in for small development business, do very hard. " the development business of one office building tells Zhengzhou the reporter.

"Give priority to the common fault that makes a trade almost in order to make work. " a personage inside the trade that pursues estate research for a long time points out. He thinks to develop business to be done so reclaim the speed of capital time limit for a project is fast, fast, facilitating scroll is developed, short-term yield results is faster.

The personage inside this course of study is analysed, with the office building that carry out gives priority to, development business is pursuit profit margin, the likelihood sacrifices communal space; On the client's choice, devoid specific aim; On the management of later period, service, can put in a lot of uncertainty. And the office building that gives priority to in order to hire, pay attention to the design of communal space quite, with all sorts of business affairs form a complete set, more careful on the client's choice, also have specific aim more, assured a building dish total class, on property service, also will more with one one's heart.

Zhengzhou grand Hong Tao of Han of chief inspector of sale of limited company of far estate development thinks, half of high-grade office building is rental, half sale, it is a right choice. Somebody thinks at this point, zhengzhou office building already arrived via transferring " hire carry out to develop simultaneously " times.
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