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More and more office building encounter Zhengzhou the awkwardness that nowhere j
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"Often stretch a car to go to work, foolish. The car is done not have in the parking lot, full. Circling a building to leave a few rounds, see time, fast came off work... " this adapts the new folk song from Xue Cun, mirrorred Zhengzhou at present " have car a group of things with common features " the awkwardness that nowhere jockeys. The reporter investigated discovery recently, as the grow in quantity of Zhengzhou motor-driven car, the office building with a few better places all appeared to jockey difficult question. Zhengzhou office building car existing serious matching compares insufficient situation. Of parking space tomorrow, allow to weigh and the path is far.

It is difficult that office building experience stops working

Reporter last week from agricultural road from on the west eastwards travel reachs international company center on the west when, happened 20 minutes actually embrace, still thinking is in front appeared traffic accident, it is parking space of international company center so full already, a few security personnel are barring in entry point do not let a car enter, the car outside discharges two on agricultural road then, amount to tens of rice. Some cars advocate wait impatiently really, the thing also did not do, drive and go. Some cars are placed inside, go out to go out not to come, block up car advocate suffering can'ts bear character.

Mention the problem of parking space of international company center, a netizen leaves a message: "Have been to international company center, ah, turned a long time, just did not find a vehicle, be forced to stop driveway edge, result by old alarm joint strip. Be depressed! Be depressed!!

According to reporter investigation, since this year, on market of demand of Zhengzhou office building, buy course of study person no longer the attention of bureau be confined to to the traditional element such as the price, a sector of an area, such as car configuration, service government, intelligence provides the focal point that waits for element to become its to pay close attention to. Especially car, it is at present in the choice of office building client to purchasing influencing factor, already rose to the element of the 3rd great attention after afterwards a sector of an area, price.

In the ad that an office building broadcasted in the heat in broadcasting station again and again recently, had regarded the parking space of this office building as the first sale sells a site. "Dichotomy bell makes sure you park good car " became its ad is the oldest sell a site. And of this office building the biggest selling a site should be situation, be located in classics of highway of Zhengzhou city money 3 wayside, endure mature gold closely to be encircled into international business. However, these pressing do not express, however in the cry out in advertisement its jockey conveniently. Parking space of visible office building is taken seriously increasingly.

It may be said of program of Zheng Dongxin area CBD is internationalization with great quantity, the imposing manner of office building of many 30 high level of core outer shroud is like the cloud. But the personage inside course of study points out, parking space plans to be not worth, jockey difficult question is very outstanding already.
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