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Shi Naide is electric land Henan, entrust Zhengzhou office building formally the
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Shi Naide is electric land Henan, entrust Zhengzhou office building formally the net undertakes optional location works, it is reported, electric optional location standard is Shi Naide:
1, be close to trunk, communication is easy, establishment of area form a complete set is all ready;
2, floor area is controlled in 310 square metre;
3, office building grade is 5A first class, car enough;
4, hire requirement is to be in 56 yuan in (contain property to expend) ;
Be about to know more detail, seek advice from Zhengzhou office building please net king manager, connect a telephone call: 0371-63395400

Shi Naide is electric group brief introduction
Show this age extent, energy problem already became the core factor that restricts development of economic high speed and environmental protection, shi Naide is electric devote oneself to to improve a client to be in all the time the performance of electric power domain and daily standard of living. Optimize the world lead company of the domain as the sources of energy, electric group business includes Shi Naide 5 big markets: The domain such as center of the sources of energy and infrastructure, industry, data and network, Lou Yu and residence offers product kimono Wu.

Depend on its distinct range of products, shi Naide is electric those who developed whole set is compositive change, intelligence with communication model solution, make power supply safer, reliable, implement automation in the round, energy-saving synergism is more apparent, the easy inside the building also obtained active management with communication moderately.
Support whole world exceeds 100, the participation of 000 employee, shi Naide is electric the sources of energy that uses help mankind adequately them.

Digital Shi Naide is electric
■ sale achieved 17 billion euro 2007
■ have in 106 countries more than 105, 000 employee
■ through selling a partner, solution be on sale at 190 countries
■ there is personnel of more than 7000 research and developments in 25 countries
■ have 200 the industrial base of client of many press close to

To the contribution of client outstanding achievement
Shi Naide is electric there is grand strategy in innovation, quality and efficiency respect, begin actively at the same time cooperate and buy business in order to widen oneself industrial battle array. Shi Naide is electric in make electric power application more safe and convenient while, serve with more comprehensive, effective solution series at market demand, develop custom-built appreciation service.

First-class staff is the basis of this one strategy, they formed to be fond of develop, the group of acute meaning enterprising. We still offer the on guard of all level to groom, extend and can adjust the skill of employee according to the change of technology and client demand.

The professional actual strength of global leader, the service of type of this locality partner
Current, shi Naide is electric professional work is begun in 100 many countries, our product and service spread all over world each district, accord with the standard of each country and standard.
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