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Investment in office buildings can still have shortcomings
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Mr Sin office seasoned investment, prudent and decisive, the recent "small investment, high return" as his new investment principles. Looking for investments in accordance with this principle, the scope of a single target lock, Mr. Central City East and Dongfeng Road office district. Dong Jun Plaza, which attracted a single unique shape, Mr., and Mr. Shan is worried about the shape of the Dong Jun Plaza, not led to its unit Founder, utility rate is not high, the rental for office space is relatively large. However, Mr Sin, that the Central City East Dongfeng Road shopping district and business atmosphere, complete and perfect, the commercial value of the entire district is rising, the office of the district he is quite confident. Finally, Mr. Shan Dong Jun Plaza, bought 119 square meters of office space, priced 610,000 yuan, 5,000 yuan unit, other units of the unit price of more than 6,000 yuan, the unit price lower than the next, with 5,000 yuan per month lease rate of return as high as 9.8%. Central Plains shops professionals that work, Dong Jun Plaza shopping district office as a traditional office, with utility rates and the weakness of rental rate is not high, but also has more advantages: accessibility, better peripheral support, business atmosphere, their prices and Price low to meet the different needs of investors, trading market is quite active.