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Residential trapped buoyant business investment in Nanjing shops offices turno
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According to online real estate statistics, as of November 7, last week (11.1-11.7) in Nanjing area of 10,538.81 square meters of commercial transactions, closing an area of approximately 11,651.42 square meters of office space. Compared with the previous week, up 166.23 percent volume shops, offices turnover rose 283.83% (last week, closing shops in Nanjing area of about 4376.33 square meters, office space in Nanjing last week, closing an area of approximately 2,675.97 square meters). "Restriction", "interest rates" and a series of coded control regulatory policies, the rapid turnover of the cooling housing market, retail trading volume soared. And there have been inverted, the office's turnover over the shops, the market in Nanjing, this phenomenon is still relatively rare. Availability of more commercial office market to be pushed forward step Nanjing, the current commercial market for the main business community, but also with the New Deal have increased turnover, retail sales due to more Pukou, such as Venice, Mingfa Bund community living centers and other large business, large trading volume last week as the plate , Nanjing market will have many post-commercial launch of the community hot, the trend will continue to rise in the future. Turnover from the retail sector point of view, Pukou of the total turnover of 49% less Pukou commercial facilities, as the population increased, the majority of retail sales of flats, is leading an important factor in Pukou turnover rose, business climate gradually formed, the late prospects was good. Other more active in the area is the Jiangning, Ha Tay, VI, the two river plate business climate more and more concentrated, the introduction of commercial real estate sales are also increasing, the growth of retail turnover, will continue for some time. Sales there rose last week, the office market, with the north of the city opened Xiaozhuang sale of International Plaza office building, according to statistics, last week north of the city sales turnover of 9,998.2 square meters of office space, accounting for 85% of transactions a week, office sales have jumped with the new disc a great relationship, data growth is temporary, whether the market pick up, still need to observe the long term. The city has always been relatively stable sales and Hexi plate, push plate because the amount of office space less severe decline in the data, the traditional center of the central area by the second challenge, SOHO office projects, creative projects, office parks accelerating push plate, is the office turnover continued to be active important support. Commercial real estate investments should be carefully selected Rose commercial real estate transactions occurred in Nanjing, the housing market is regulated and the sale of flats is the main reason commercial projects, despite the recent commercial real estate investment market bullish, but the risk of investment in commercial projects still exist, investors should carefully select the item, do not blindly shot . Surging commercial real estate investment boom, but the state industrial policies and planning related to lack of clear guidance, industry experts fear that more commercial real estate initial investment, the investment cycle is longer, the rate of return, rate of growth as the core industry characteristics, it tends to make it into irrational impulse of over-investment.