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Raffles City Offices 200 square meters of leased office space available
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Raffles Class A office property type project, located in the East Second Ring Road, Dongcheng District, district, southwest of Beijing Dongzhimen. The project covers an area of 14,686 square meters commercial, with a total construction area of 143,865 square meters, the 38,665 m2 office space, 40,000 square meters of retail shopping centers, 27,000 square meters of luxury apartments, 38,200 square meters and ancillary buildings Parking composition. CapitaLand to build a set of luxury apartments, commercial office buildings, retail shopping centers in one integrated project, in which the ground floor area of 97,665 square meters, construction area of 40,000 square meters underground. Raffles City Beijing was completed in 2009, underground direct access to Dongzhimen traffic hub. With rail traffic and the close proximity of the East Second Ring Road, Airport Expressway, the most convenient location and excellent transport network. Currently, the project area of the two remaining 270 and 300 square meters of offices a rental, 7 are located at the project level and 20 level, their prices is 9-10 yuan / square meter / day (including management fees). Plaza parking spaces are provided underground movement, 1,200 yuan / month / person.