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Red rivers in Jiangbei dial 200 meters north of the Pro Red rivers in Chongqing Bus Station, bus station, Chongqing, and Chongqing cities in the first welcome Boulevard Light Rail Transit northern third line center site, to the business center only 2 Guanyinqiao the distance between stations, to the Liberation Monument, Shapingba about 30 minutes by car, traffic is very convenient. Project is located in the new arch, five yellow road, the new shunt central area of China, neighboring Lake community, Palm (Forum Album Reviews Map Search Open House units), Golden Fort district, Jiahua Century New City (Forum Album Reviews Map Search Open House units ), Yang Garden (Forum Album Reviews Map Search type model among video) (sample size between the Forum Album Reviews Map Search video), Huang Guandong and noble community gardens in close proximity, the more perfect around the life support, in a radius of 200 meters Trust-Mart stores, the First Hospital of Jiangbei, major banks, large hotels, restaurants and some convenience stores. Resident population in this area nearly 20 million, the two stations the flow of hundreds of thousands of pregnant every day with unlimited business opportunities. The overall project by the three residential towers and an office building with a total area of 18356? O, total construction area of 95848? O, volume ratio of 4.5, greening rate of 26.8%. This item has been north and south of Beibei, Chongqing Construction Comprehensive Development Company developed the first item. Developers of "quality, brand" strategic objectives, with its strong economic strength for protection, the red rivers of the project area into a landmark building. The overall project will be officially opened in October 2005 sales.