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Area of business affairs garden invests economy of new heat headquarters to heat
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High business affairs cost, for company of particularly big to demand of office building area high-tech research and development and production company headquarters, bear hard really. The area of garden of a few business affairs that so these enterprises begin area of Xiang Fei center stage by stage is migratory.

The concept of industrial real estate broke through simple workshop or workshop to collect the concept of garden area already. Nowadays, area of business affairs garden is becoming the new heat that industrial real estate invests gradually, get of the enterprise look at in person.

England is the forerunner of modern industry, the concept of area of business affairs garden also delivers state of source Yu Ying the earliest. Old since, the person that British construction plans people encourage all the time industrial garden division is built in British each district, the uses place labour force resource with come better with this. The flying progress of the rapid development that serves industry as England and British science and technical industry, appeared areas of a lot of garden of new-style business affairs and science and technology " collect an area " . These garden areas and " collect an area " offerred agree with retail trade, light industry, IT course of study, of commerce and branch of science and technology, economically since susceptive, through the space that plans meticulously.

These garden areas are designed to use the business affairs real estate that provides the high-energy effect at the modernization in beautiful environment. And real estate will have these business affairs to jockey goodly establishment and in lunch and job use at recreational facilities. Own beautiful environment and information network, negotiation of business affairs of very convenient company, research and development, reveal, make the work segment of business affairs scientific research such as appearance.

Subsequently this concept is duplicated by each industry developed country, pay mix with oneself concept at area of business affairs garden characteristic.

Be in China, area of business affairs garden also is called commonly area of headquarters economy garden.

Area of garden of Chinese business affairs starts earlier, but inchoate and main be a few pilot, more scattered, cannot form dimensions. As the propulsion of Chinese industrialized process, line of business of service of high-tech enterprise, trade grows at full speed; Domestic emerge in large numbers gives large quantities of one tycoon companies, they begin to conform with international, headquarters and manufacturing base begin depart; At the same time large quantities of one transnational corporation enter China. Generate the driving demand of areas of pair of business affairs garden then. At present China arrives littoral from southeast inland, lifted headquarters economy upsurge.

Shanghai, transnational corporation heat is held in both hands, business affairs cost is climbed tall
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