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The Gao Cheng that spend a banner " run road " doubt appears new foreign capital
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Hua Qi, Gao Cheng " run road " doubt appears fire fighting mainland to cover

Building city low fan. Recently, the Shanghai a person of extraordinary powers that tycoon plum Jia Chengqi falls and marks yellow Bu development curtilage front courtyard of drive emerald green a person of extraordinary powers,

Not come singly but in pairs, the large property investment that Hua Qi, Gao Cheng and Magenshidanli also begin to will be in China recently changes now, be begun for foreign capital by doubt from Chinese real-estate industry " run road " .

However our newspaper reporter learns, view empty China real estate in much home foreign capital when the industry, industry of government of black rock group, triumphant thunder group, Singapore invests limited company (abbreviation GIC) wait to be in however gigantic endowment the investment that increases pair of China estate considerably.

"China is landed now the condition of the market is an opportunity actually, the cost that take the land is lower than last year, but Chinese economy still is valued. Chinese landed company of future can be controlled in the risk and the balance is gone after in high outstanding achievement, evolve into those who give oneself to live mode. " area of China of investment of Singapore government industry invests a Li Guoshen to think.

Partial foreign capital covers property of profit usu. in anticipation of or in order to bring about a fall in price

Recently, a person of extraordinary powers of Shanghai of undersell of Li Jiacheng low curtilage before front courtyard of drive emerald green a person of extraordinary powers, its subordinate Hong Kong appears on the market company and announcement of the Liuceng that write down harbor say, already invested fund with the United States on May 16 " Asia-Pacific buy ground " the company below the banner signs an agreement, in order to restrain price of 4.957 billion HK dollar, sell those who be located in Shanghai to grow Le Lu " century trade square " office building property.

2005, purchase this property with the cost of 300 million dollar with the land that write down harbor, although predict to cover benefit to be 2.1 billion HK dollar between pass on, but show according to authoritative data, average price already amounted to office building of Shanghai first class first quarter this year 51000 yuan / square metre left and right sides, li Jiacheng this action has what low escapes to disrelish.

"With century trade square located position looks, its are monovalent and apparent under market price. Li Jiacheng doubt is like the property below undersell banner. " business of one Shanghai development shows.

And since this year, hua Qi, Gao Cheng two cast the large office property that sold its are in Shanghai respectively all right greatly, magenshidanli also begins to change subordinate and landed investment now. According to reporter understanding, hua Qi still has change further the plan that shows real estate of the China below the banner to invest.
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