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Foreign investment estate puts on record power transfer to a lower level will ac
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Rose on July 1, department of Commerce begins to entrust provincial business affairs to be in charge of a branch, to the foreign trader investment real estate puts on record material undertakes checking, be in charge of a branch to undertake examination reaching checking by local business affairs. Reporter yesterday (on July 8) from Guangzhou city bureau of collaboration of foreign trade economy learns, this one policy has begun to carry out, but branch of provincial commerce director has not announce specific executive detailed rules, but predict very quick meeting comes on stage.

Current, estate of investment of this one foreign capital puts on record of attributive " transfer to a lower level " the examination that has not enter essence level, but Guangzhou development business shows, of policy hold accelerate the time that examine and approve and puts on record soon, accelerate foreign currency capital to enter the time of Guangzhou then, this to a major interest is for the development business of capital insecurity all the time good.

From put on record turn to selective examination

National Department of Commerce allotted a few days ago " good about doing foreign trader invests Department of Commerce real estate puts on record working announcement " point out, department of Commerce entrusts provincial business affairs to be in charge of a branch to invest real estate to put on record to the foreign trader material undertakes checking. In the light of foreign investment estate relevant need examines and approve item, local business affairs is in charge of a branch to undertake examination lawfully, the material that puts on record former Department of Commerce wanting a newspaper sends to provincial business affairs to be in charge of a branch to undertake checking.

" announcement " emphasize finally, department of Commerce will concern a branch to invest estate company to undertake selectiving examination regularly to the foreign trader with the State Council, if appear not to accord with the foreign trader of active regulation to invest estate company, department of Commerce will cooperate with exchange control branch cancels company foreign currency to register, cancel statistic of its foreign capital; And branch of local commerce director appears twice to violate compasses, will by notice of criticism, deadline did not change to call in put on record accredit.

As we have learned, during macroscopical 2006 adjusting control, national Department of Commerce stipulates the foreign trader invests real-estate project to must pass a country to Department of Commerce is examined and approve and put on record. From this, the monitoring that foreign capital enters inland is stricter and stricter. And rose on July 1 from this year, this first instance is approved and put on record attributive transfer to a lower level arrives provincial branch.

Or accelerate foreign capital to enter

" announcement " allotted message suffers industry to develop business fully people attention. Yesterday east tower invite public bidding answers doubt is met on, hong Kong develops business to put forward hereon second foreign capital enters examination case. Bureau of trade of the classics outside city expresses about the personage, " announcement " carry out already formally really, but because save door of Department of Commerce to have not decide specific detailed rules, so specific examine and approve the ability after waiting for detailed rules to come on stage even to begin.
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