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Yi Xianrong: Curb invests price of office building house to drop surely on tone
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Ask from tight monetary policy to carry out what conference of central economy job decides, the Central Bank decides to go up since December 25, 2007 tone deposits money deposit reserve leads kind of financial orgnaization RMB a percent comes 14.5% , this is the Central Bank inside year go up the 10th times tone deposit reserve is led. At this point, financial connect a line for a short while Yi Xianrong of researcher of place of finance of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, distinguished economist. He expresses, deposit reserve moves pair of room city on rate and affect without materiality, house price won't drop subsequently.

Yi Xianrong expresses, the attune on epicycle means monetary policy to begin from what tighten, increase warm-up of adjusting control strength for next year. "Conference of central economy job just ends, this round adjusting is very normal. The country still may be in the credit dimensions that brews next year, want to come down clearly only, we can judge a few situations of next year adjusting control. " Yi Xianrong says.

Yi Xianrong thinks, reserve leads go up the impact that moves pair of commercial banks is bigger, just have certain indirect effect to other market. "In the small bank addition as credit cost, will face economic difficulty, but the critical point that also won't reach menace to live. To large and state-owned bank already very small. " easy constitution allows such say.