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Another name for Guangdong Province: Fortune square office building fifteen thou
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No matter be,clinch a deal, market of auction of near future Guangzhou all appears low confuse posture. Suffer this big atmosphere effect, instead emerge in large numbers the bamboo shoot mark of many low.

The market is small confuse price obligate space

Auction announcement according to what already announced, next week only 10 auctions are met, the gross of mark is not worth 50, auction meeting showing number and the circumstance that auction the gross of mark to continue to appear to drop compared to the same period.

Nevertheless, suffer the effect that auctions atmosphere inadequacy possibly also just about, of mark case send price apparent obligate space, almost every auction can have 9 relatively attractive bid.

Rent of fortune square month is not low

Among them, this week supplies the largest window to should belong to the office building unit of fortune square. The floor area of this mark is 999 square metre, referenced price is 15.5 million yuan, amount to unit price is fifteen thousand five hundred yuan. Although because supply,be mixed,clinch a deal few, decide harder this market price that covers property, but adjacent in letter square near future clinchs a deal the level is 28 thousand yuan / square metre, near future of the square in boast clinchs a deal the level is 27 thousand yuan / square metre, cosmopolitan square near future clinchs a deal the level is 20 thousand yuan / square metre, because this attributes the fortune square market price of first class office building likewise,answer not under 20 thousand yuan. Additional as we have learned, at present the office building hire of fortune square is in every months of 135-150 - yuan / between square metre, prep above is cosmopolitan square 130 yuan / the level of square metre, send valence calculation in order to rise, investment return rate is as high as 11% .

Be worth what carry is, compare with other office building, fortune square is apart from the subway exit of sports center station is less than a line 5 minutes distance, communication is very easy. Periphery is distributinging many big bank and stockjobber, adjacent the large spending place such as beautiful square, grand town square, convenience inn of Guangzhou wineshop, true kongfu, OK all ready. This edifice is commercial skirt building to 6, development is quite mature also, the unit such as many transnational corporation and Korea tourism bureau is garrisoned. Be compared integratedly and character, fortune square is quality of group of trade of north of the Milky way the space of office building floor with taller, relatively mature development.