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Why did stories of 4 backside of old building miracle ever meet with common peop
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Even if is today, see big like iron tower of dust humble Er, golden gate bridge when you when such building miracle, still can find their clinking fascination. Can be these great artwork just completion when, do not resemble today so glorious takes a person. They had a plenty of the project coincidence land that controls a root to did not think of from to become one of the greatest now artwork. Because some costs casualty of tremendous, worker countless get in the beginning of build of common people disgustful with cool detachment.

Iron tower of dust humble Er is one of Parisian marks, be loved to call ” of “ iron a form of address for one's wife by the French, also be one of buildings with the most well-known whole world. Can be in original, iron tower of dust humble Er is a purpose with gain: A platform plans hall of open dining-room, coffee, store; 2 platform plan to open post-office, telephone exchange, bakery and gallery. Iron tower aux will be able to contains 10416 visitors at the same time quite.

Iron tower build at the beginning of the criticism that encountered major Paris the people refuses coolly and build acrimonious of town planning expert, their some thinks a 1000 feet tall building will pull the sky of low Paris, and squelch other mark of the city, after some saying that iron tower builds 748 feet, also can collapse with a loud crash, still “ expert ” says the lamplight of iron tower will kill all fish in river of accept of a place of strategic importance.

Till the the First World War, iron tower of dust humble Er significant contribution was made in respect of contact of radio news report, object cry just be being appeased gradually. From now on, iron tower of dust humble Er had an official place inside Parisian city, it is accepted gradually, be loved, on ground of final be perfectly justifiable the canvas of painters. And who can think of iron tower can be nowadays on the world again at that time enjoy such reputation, where is the pronoun that had become Paris even?

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