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Tour of 10 office building of great environmental protection (group plan)
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If we want what to do to answer the whole world calefacient, that wants a change to live not only means, change our dwelling place even. Be in current in practice of design of our mainstream building, can live continuously and character, still existing local neglect reachs a series of inadequacy. This kind lacked environmental protection consciousness to create the whole world greatly apparently on the building calefacient.

Clearly if we should admit to handle environmental protection issue really, that must build green to build in the future, undertake to the building that has existed as far as possible green is transformed. The green structure that the whole world is being built 15 times or the plan builds is below.

They have to nod jointly: But durative

Ch2: 2 office building also call layer of?0 of male of travel of bureau of  of  of  Pen flatter Ch2, because its are had but the design of durative development feature obtains U.N. with central energy effect to build award. Build Ch2 to need to cost 5 ten million bay yuan, but during the notarization that is in donative Melbourne already instalment. Ch2 is the office building that Australia aims the first times to obtain letter of grade of environmental protection of 6 green stars. It imprints to what you stay seem what can imagine to lie between to each: Deserve to have system of refrigeration of hot style quality, photocell, wind- driven turbine, sewage reconditioning system, refrigerant ceiling and the photoelectricity force loop that make person strange are ligneous scuttle arras, this arras can the contrail of follow sun, can adjust thereby indoor environment, make its changes in temperature appropriate. Melbourne city hopes to use these environmental protection establishment to be able to scoop up a capital inside 10 years, actually more advantageous to Melbourne is it the good reputation with the outstanding with each passing day inside alive bound limits. It is to concern a few information there below.

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