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Chance of Olympic Games of have the aid of of market of financial market office
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This year in May, beijing government put forward to become Beijing construction the international banking center that has international force, financial market is in Beijing " the opinion that develops about promoting capital banking industry " after announcing, fixed position is farther Anacreontic, the layout of office of group of orgnaization of large domestic and international finance, large state-owend enterprise, foreign enterprise, finance administration increases ceaselessly, high-grade top class office building makes the main trend of market of this area office building, average rent already achieved 200 yuan of above every months at present every square metre. Financial block region already became office building to trade one big " heat " , have greatly overtake the situation of CBD, several research organizations also label this one area " be worth to pay close attention to mainly " target.

One year in the past an administrative unit in Xizang of know exactly about sth makes li of banking market buy trade record, already finished trade include market of Hang Yu edifice, banking edifice of 1 date, F3 and boreal abundant C2, and the many office building that hire carry out demands exceeds supply. Financial market attracted numerous financial company and orgnaization, be regarded to be investment or the first selection area that buy for private use. The market inducts a quantity to be climbed successively litre, use nowadays " very little earth very little gold " be worthy of the name of it may be said of appearance banking market. Financial market already amounted to condition of the buyable that do not have a building almost.

Duration Olympic Games, shang Jie of all alone easy • (Ying La international) business affairs center seizes market moment, great kindness practice. The provider of service room office that alls alone easy • Shang Jie is a high quality, high level. Shang Jie of all alone easy • (Ying La international) business affairs center is located in the center of banking of Ying La international between Chang'an Street and 2 annulus road 2. The traffic that financial market along the line develops offerred huge for the client of Ying La center convenient. Central gross area 1366 square metre, have 73 jobs, the design of whole center aims to satisfy the office environment of the financial market tenement such as finance, bank, investment, insurance to ask in the round: Riches and honour, refined and orderly major. Place choosing property all is place most office building of A of armour of ground mark sex. Every center all with pledging professionally, cozily, high, environment of individual character melt into designs a standard, provide the service type office of international level for the client, and fast, convenient, professional service support.

You choose Shang Jie of all alone easy • (Ying La international) the 8 big reason of business affairs center:

1. Very little earth the situation of very little gold, traffic facilities develops, let your body be in admirable commercial environment.
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