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BDA international square " core " alone area of new investment potential
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The property of office of efficient standard business affairs that regards Beijing economy technology as the developing zone, BDA international square develops the look that the fine quality of convenient traffic advantage and office building of class of product oneself 5A attracted numerous investor. The personage inside course of study thinks, what BDA international square suits scan widely international very much is large and medium-sized enterprise, industry of economy of Bohai Sea of belt of progress of city of ferry of its join Beijing, annulus encircles the bond action that waits for important economy area, since home company moves toward international gangplank, also be the platform of market of international enterprise development Asia-Pacific, its enormous investment value is self-evident.

   Strategy of annulus Bohai Sea -- new trend instigates Beijing future invests a highway

After circle of economy of delta of afterwards the Yangtse River, Pearl River delta exhibits vigor greatly, hopeful of area of annulus Bohai Sea was controlled 2010 make Chinese economy board piece in and even northeast inferior the economy that the area has force extremely grows extremely. Beijing and Tianjin harbor port are direct, realize haven function unifinication; Capital International Airport and Tianjin seaside International Airport are combined, boat of the countryman in implementation crosses the airport conformity of area; Custom of the hill since north, Na Zhishan east the economy of annulus Bohai Sea of Yantai encircles railroad main artery, had finished about 2 / at present the construction job of 3... , "Beijing, Tianjin " strategic position is highlighted with each passing day. Beijing Olympic Games prepares what grow to gross domestic product to pull move be in every year 0.3% the left and right sides, area of annulus Bohai Sea holds the dominant position that is benefited above all. Infrastructure of 200 billion yuan of cities builds investment, the follow-up effect that develops to economy of annulus Bohai Sea will last 10, 15 years. The area that new trend leads invests force of mad wet labor to wait for hair!

   "Core " alone international platform leads new investment the period

BDA international square is located in inside BDA industry service center, hold division of area of BDA government affairs, uptown, estate edition of 3 big functions piece boundary. Project total floor area 120 thousand square metre, among them, office building floor area 80 thousand square metre, in 3000 ~ by 14 areas the office independence body of 8000 square metre is formed, it is to be advantage company only ad hoc office place where troops are stationed. 2 period the space of 50 thousand square metre of obligate, it is to be international money business to measure the base with custom-built body only.

BDA international square stays on program design have much afforest space, through low layer, low density implementation green handles official bussiness. Its design distinctly sink the system of landscape of stereo zoology afforest that sunshine square formed type to be formed by multiple green, look inside course of study this made up for urban center business affairs to build greenbelt already rare the inadequacy that be short of, won't affect the business affairs mood of high-grade office building again. The building that has urban function as group, BDA international square is the label of BDA area not only, also will be the urban calling card of a center, and this more the investment value that promoted BDA international square.
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