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Too protect nearly 2.2 billion buy Beijing big large building
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The big large building that 2.2 billion yuan price bought up to of insurance of Chinese Pacific Ocean to be located in Beijing banking market (namely) of edifice of boreal abundant C2. The floor area that makes an appointment with 71 thousand square metre with the edifice plan, buy unit price to make an appointment with 30 thousand yuan / square metre. In the domestic insurance device that purchases investment sex property with name of for private use, too protect can be a successor.

Although till just conveyed a likelihood to unlock insurance fund last week,superintend a branch,invest the manner of estate, but include Chinese birthday, peaceful Kang Renshou and China are restful (601318.SH) the insurance device that waits inside already at ground or office building are being purchased with direct or indirect way before this year. Only the property that insurance company bought last year, already accumulative total amounts to 200 thousand square metre, and center at Beijing banking market for the most part. This facilitated directly the upsurge that Beijing office property invests. Look from the circumstance first quarter, this one upsurge still lasts likely this year.

Actually, it is at the beginning of this month, financial market (the carry out of golden Qi edifice that 000402.SZ) just develops the company in Beijing banking market and smooth big bank, the floor area of ninety-eight thousand five hundred square metre clinchs a deal with making an appointment with 2.3 billion yuan total prices, monovalent only 23000 yuan / square metre left and right sides, compare with this photograph, too the price appreciably on the high side that keeps this to buy big large building.

The report first quarter shows international of Beijing high power this year, this year first quarter, besides the investment case of property of afore-mentioned two office building, still limited company of perfect and spatio-temporal liability is bought with 700 million yuan be located in sunny area the beautiful that total floor area makes an appointment with 55 thousand square metre of bright copper city clinch a deal case. Occupy reporter understanding additionally, how does luck build line of business (00983.HK) is at the beginning of this year the equity carry out that still is in the company Beijing Huapu center and foreign capital fund.

In addition, the development business Beijing that the reporter is in big large building sees on the website of limited company of development of million peaceful estate, the large building of C1 of abundant of financial market north that the company still plans to sell be being developed on the side of big large building, reach the large building of A1 of elegant treasure road that collects area development in Beijing diplomatic mission, the sale of two property all has in condition " full carry out " model of written characters.

Before this, li Zejie is filled with big real estate below the banner (00432.HK) also announces, be filled with division center to sell matters concerned and investor arrange with in what develop in Beijing with respect to the company. Anticipate price and this property in order to be filled with what division center controls 4 billion yuan to did not make work to make an appointment with 170 thousand square metre partly plan, buy monovalent likelihood to exceed twenty-three thousand five hundred yuan / square metre.
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