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Center of round-the-world money message asks 2008 buildings newly mark
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In domain of commercial real estate, ground mark calculates going up is a hot vocabulary, the commercial property item with not little amount to is in project approving at the beginning of of too impatient to wait allege oneself are urban land mark, it is area bibcock, in fact the style of coronate of this kind of ego more resembling is a kind of extremely arrogant like amuse oneself. Apparent, it and the building that have quality truly have nothing to do, more have nothing to do with the city, the real estate that at best just does not have any meanings one kind is subjective. Say objectively, this kind subjective small in 23 lines town exists, in Beijing, Shanghai such a gleam of is metropolitan also there is no lack of its form and trace.

Ground mark, be being told on firm sense is child of agglomerate of elite of a times, it is witnessed and create the history, dispute has with great quantity run greatly, the old strategy of atmosphere soul and cannot finish, of the Tian An Men with not superior to absolutely height common people of this no less than look up at, the scale value that unites with international can not measure its height and depth. Leave when historical wheel took the entrance door of 2008, mark sex builds a batch of has global sense land that condensing civilized crystallization to unplug in the east wind of the Olympic Games the ground and case, focusing is worn the eyeball of the whole world. If use figure,the language of a bit elaborates new Beijing the newly bid that these have delegate sense, can say for " a bird's nest, a gigantic egg, a stone " .

"Bird's nest " , need not is wordy, as 2008 the main body place of Beijing Olympic Games, it has been without the became a grand event of 2008 Olympic Gameses mainstay of be concerned about, the grand ceremony of top class sports of all time excessive colour will be performed here; "Gigantic egg " , meaning namely the nation is top grade art hall -- national great theater, although this " gigantic egg " in the storm eye that is in a controversy all the time since birth day, but this does not affect its with attain at perfect attitude stand erect at Chang'an Street by, become the throughout the country even the mark sex building that the world nots allow to ignore.

And " stone " , say to follow " gigantic egg " still be neighbour roughly, they are in twice almost same in on axes, the another near neighbour of this stone is in Beijing landed domain also is illustrious and famous, namely financial market is also. "Stone " still a formal name is called out do " center of round-the-world money message " , it was obtained " stone " this appellation, be like,watch namely skyscraping megalith, the surface opened slot of a few dig, under curtain of night, if whole structure contains jade in stone, the contemporary artistic perspective after using a kind completely will anatomize architectural aesthetic, from the point of the exterior it broke through a tradition completely to build the garden of the style to animal farm, but not allow of oversight is his the kernel is right the tradition was full of what respect indefinitely. More crucial is, center of round-the-world money message feels pulse economic trend with global eye shot, two old economy weigh integrated finance and economics and information head board piece, with forerunner person identity male crouch and on the west to Chang'an Street.
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